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Pet Experience 

Sam's Dapper Dog is a crate free salon, Sam enjoys working one on one with each dog. 

When your dog is finished, they will be waiting in an open kennel. These kennels are plenty big for dogs to lay down, sit or wiggle around in! 

Our salon is equipped with modern equipment and uses premium grooming products to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of care. Sam is determined to maintain a strict hygiene standard in the salon to provide a clean and safe environment for your  pet. Your pets health and well-being is our top priority.   

Our tub is an electric hydraulic moving tub, which means it can go all the way to the floor. This tub is designed specifically to provide a convenient and accessible way for your pet to enter and exit with ease. This ensures that dogs who have a hard time jumping, climbing or walking will be able to easily get into the tub with Sam's guidance.  



"thank you so much for grooming Zar! He looks absolutely amazing!! He will definitely be coming back to see Sam."


" My boy Bing can get nervous at the groomers and Sam did an amazing job with him. He looked and felt great when I picked him up and he was so happy! "


" Sam is a talented groomer who has a very nice way of handling dogs. "

" Penny" 

" My mini dachshund had never been groomed before, and I was nervous about getting her cut for the first time. Sam was so friendly, and penny loved her! and of course she looked like a brand new dog when Sam was all done!"

Keeping Your Pets

Happy, Healthy and Safe!

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